Traffic Worthy Websites

So you want more website traffic, and you’ll do anything for it. You received an email or a phone call from an SEO company guaranteeing to boost your website’s page rank and get you to the top of the search results for certain terms and phrases. Hmmm, sounds great! Well before you make a huge mistake and hop on the next magic SEO bandwagon, give us an opportunity to talk you off the ledge. Some SEO companies will use unethical techniques to trick search engines into boosting rank. Sure it may produce quick results, but what you may not realize is that search engines such as Google are spending millions to hunt down and filter out websites that are engaging in these practices. Why? Because the primary function of a search engine is to connect the user to the most relevant search result for his or her search query. This makes searchers happy. If Google can’t do that, then why would anyone use it? So my point is that using shady techniques to boost page rank is a short-term patch job that may cause your website to be blacklisted and could leave you worse off than you began.

If you are a reputable company, or aspire to be one, then heed this advice: The best, most secure, most sustainable way to increase traffic to your website is to have a unique and informative website. That’s right. The only way to ensure that a website gets the recognition it deserves, is to ensure that it deserves recognition. As daunting of a task as this may seem, you should not get discouraged. MyBox Productions can guide you through this process and get you on the road to success on the internet. Our goal is to provide you with a beautifully clean, professional website that is easily managed, easy to navigate and highly competitive. We never try to trick search engines, as that could destroy a company’s reputation and could be a knockout blow. On the contrary, we try to provide a highly usable website that encourages our clients to educate their customers with unique, high quality content and information. A side-effect of which, almost definitely, will be a website that climbs to the top of search results.

If you are interested in finding out what MyBox Productions can do for your company’s website, just ask us about web design via email or call us today at 305.302.3181.